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Everrist is a magazine which is published once a year by the "Kreis der Ehemaligen und Freunde des Johann-Rist-Gymnasiums Wedel". The Johann-Rist-Gymnasium (JRG) is a grammar school in Wedel/Germany, a town next to Hamburg (population about 32.000). From our Links-page, you can go directly to the homepage of the JRG.

In 1996, the "Kreis der Ehemaligen und Freunde" was founded as a registered society for all the former pupils and friends of the Johann-Rist-Gymnasium. The society now has about 230 members. It was decided soon that the "Kreis der Ehemaligen und Freunde" should publish a kind of paper to give information about everything that happens at school, about the activities of the society-members and other interesting topics. Finally, this paper got the name "Everrist" which derives from the words "forever" and the last name of Johann Rist, a famous German poet who lived in Wedel and after whom the school is named.

After many efforts and a lot of work, the first edition of the Everrist was published in October 1997. On these pages, you may have a "virtual" look at all the topics and you can even read some articles (of course not all of them, because we want to sell some magazines, too!).

Published in the beginning of November 1998, in the second edition of Everrist you can find on 156 (!) pages everything you want to know about the Johann-Rist-Gymnasium. There are reports on the renovation-works at the school, on cultural activities, honoured pupils and so on.  Among other things, former pupils write on the jobs they have after leaving school - and why they work: "Working for money - or for what else?"

But that's not all: These pages have been installed to remain in contact with all the former pupils. A lot of them study or live abroad, far away from their former school. That's why we chose "study abroad to be IN" as a special topic for our first edition. Each edition of the Everrist presents such a special topic. We invite all the former pupils of the Johann-Rist-Gymnasium to write articles for the paper, and we also need ideas for interesting special topics.

In 2012's edition, the special topic puts its focus on Japan after the 2011 catastrophe. Former pupils report about the impact the tsunami and the following nuclear disaster had on their lives and life in Japan in general. You can also read about Japan-related events that took place in the JRG in 2011. The 15th edition of Everrist is now available.

If you want to participate, to give any comments about the paper or these pages, if you have any ideas for certain topics, please contact us:


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Please enjoy our pages and have a closer look at the Everrist!

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